Awakening Fast: Day 1

Written by Sean

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Well, I’m not pouring ash over my head and moping around proclaiming how holy I am for suffering through a fast (I’ll be combing my hair and washing my face, Matthew 6:17); but I am blogging about it.  In the next three weeks, as Amanda and I do the Awakening Fast, the purpose of my blogging will mainly be to share the experience and encourage others to hang tough as they fast.  Also, it will publicly put a few of our requests out there so if you’d like to join us in praying for specific things we would love that!

I posted the menu for my last day of meals on facebook yesterday, but I’ll re-post what I had yesterday here:

Bacon Cheeseburgers

Tri Tip

Cheesecake Factory Orange chicken and white rice (Amanda ate the veggies)

Cheesecake chocolate frosting

Peach Cobbler

Mild heart attack…

I probably won’t post daily, but several times a week for sure.  We’re receiving a twice daily devotional and each morning I’ll repost the Scriptures from that for anyone who wants to read what we’re reading in the Bible.

Scripture reading for today: Genesis 16-18:15; Matthew 6:1-24; Psalm 7; Proverbs 2:1-5

What jumped out at me: Genesis 17:17 and 18:12 the same thing happens to Sarai and Abram; they both laugh when God tells them something.  I’m guilty of this at times.  I go along thinking I know the mind of God and suddenly he will speak something that blows my mind so much I just laugh at the thought.  Sometimes deep down I discount that it could be God at all.  But each time something like this happens, God does what He said He would do.  During this fast our family is looking for God to speak some things that might make us laugh at how unbelievable they sound, but we expect our awesome God to also come through on those promises.

Our Fast Focus:

  • We want extreme clarity as we seek our next youth ministry position, specifically where and when
  • Physical health and healing for Amanda and Chloe
  • For God to continue molding our character, and to chip away the things in our loves that He doesn’t want there
  • To hear God’s voice more clearly in everything we do
  • To practice spiritual warfare in a contained way, so we’re prepared when it comes in life (as per the awesome message by Pastor Scott Hagan to launch this fast)
  • Finances
  • Weight loss… Kidding of course

What I’ll be Doing: Juice fast.  Just fruits, vegetables that are blended down into juices, and a lot of water.

So if you’re also doing the awakening fast, or just want to pray for us, think of us as you pray.  Thanks!

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