Elephant in the Room

Written by Amanda

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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. In our families case, the two elephants in the room. The first elephant was the worst. He was dark and mean and wanted to stomp and crush us under his huge unforgiving foot. He was called Code Blue. No one wanted to acknowledge him but for the first week and half he was there, looming in the corner of Abbys room, huge and terrifying. I think Sean and I knew that he would stay in the corner, but in the back of my mind there was the fear that maybe he didn’t know his place. Maybe he hadn’t been told that my daughter was off limits and that he should leave her room entirely. I hated this elephant. Shortly after he left Abigail’s room he went next door and tried to take a swipe at Josiah, thankfully prayers were being sprayed out like buck shot and he went down.
Code blue got the message and has gone away. His less ominous but equally uninvited partner is still around. His name is Immunization, ok let’s call him Doubtguiltshame. Instead of hanging out in the corner, Doubtguiltshame seems to want to follow us around the hospital. He likes to stick his nose in places it does not belong. He is friends with many here and I’m sure many on the outside as well. But he is not a friend of mine. I think his goal is to get me to change my name to his and I’m not going to. I don’t regret holding off on immunizations. Through all of this I still feel we made the right choice for our children and ten minutes in Chloe’s classroom makes me sure of it. I don’t need to be told that this is a horrible disease trust me I’m well aware. Go away Doubtguiltshame; I’m in the mood for something made of ivory.
On a lighter note, I would love to go on a wild safari and see these beautiful animals in their wild habitat. This will never happen of course, because I’m to chicken to go of my own free will, and because I’m sure God is aware of my great fear of Africa and would never call me to serve as a missionary there. God you read that last line right? Oh, I don’t make the rules? Ok sorry, but please don’t send me there. Any way I have nothing against elephants. They are my grandmother’s favorite animal and as a child I loved to play with the bazillion figurines she had of them. They are beautiful in the wild where they belong, far away for me, my child, or the PICU.

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