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Wow!  I have not blogged in quite awhile other than writing book reviews.  I got bored at the office waiting on a few things during an admin day, so I thought it would be fun to update and go through my list.  This list was created around summer time 2013.  It will be copied from this blog post below.

I crossed 2 things off the list.  Read the Bible cover to cover, and coach a kids soccer team.  Looking back over these, I’m close to a few.  We planted a church, that is about to plant another church.  Life insurance restrictions have been lifted so I can skydive (wife pending).  I realized many of these goals aren’t going to be fulfilled any time soon.  This year I am reading a ton to grow personally, so hopefully that sets me into position to achieve some goals later in life.

Recently I’ve been looking over other people’s lists, and I’m pretty satisfied with mine.  Knocking off many smaller things really isn’t my style.  If I live half this list, I’ll have lived an amazing life.

Life Goal List


□         Take a family missions trip

X         Coach a kids sports team (2014)

□         Take an individual missions trip with each girl:

□         Amanda

□         Chloe

□         Hannah

□         Abigail

□         Officiate each kids wedding

□         Take a grandchild on a missions trip

□         Take a family vacation with all the kids and grand kids

□         Build a tree house/ outdoor fort with the kids that lasts an entire season

□         Celebrate our wedding anniversary

□         25 Years

□         50 Years

□         60 Years

□         Perform a baby dedication for a grandchild

□         Take my kids to Disney World

□         Take a 10 day family road trip viewing historical landmarks

□         Teach our kids US History by spending time in Washington D.C visiting historical landmarks

□         Family camping trip to Yellowstone national park

□         Snorkel in a tropical location with the kids

□         Return to the resort we had our honeymoon at


□         Lead over 500 individuals to Christ outside of the church

□         Preach on all 7 continents

X        Africa

□         Antarctica

X        Asia

□         Australia

X        Europe

X        N. America

□         S. America

□         Plant a church that plants a church

□         Plant a church overseas

□         Get a Doctorate

□         Pastor the same church for 20+ years

□         Publish a book

□         Learn a second language

□         Study Greek

□         Study Hebrew

□         Publish an article in a Magazine

□         Go on a missions trip with a missionary I helped send out


□         Go skydiving

□         Swim in the Mediterranean

□         Hunt, kill, and eat an animal

□         Go Deep Sea Fishing

□         Catch a 5+ pound trout

□         Catch a “Big Game” Fish

□         Touch the Stanley Cup

□         Do a stand-up comedy routine

□         Attend a Redwings playoff game

□         Attend a Giants World Series game

X         Read the Bible cover to cover

□         Attend a service where a dead person is raised to life

□         Go camping in Alaska

□         Fly an airplane

□         Shoot under 80 in a round of 18 holes

□         Get a hole in one

□         Eat Pasta in Italy

□         Ride in a fan boat


□         Complete a full marathon

□         Complete a “Fun Run” 5k

□         Complete a “Fun Run” with the Family

□         Go rock climbing

□         Hike Half-Dome

□         Complete an Urbanatholon


□         Own a home (Paid for)

□         Have no debt

□         Require no salary by the age of 60

□         Personally give over $400k to missions

□         Pay college tuition for my kids

□         Leave a six figure inheritance for each kid


□         Holy Land Tour with Amanda

□         Travel one of Paul’s Missionary Journey’s

□         Walk on the Great Wall of China

□         Visit the Pyramids of Egypt

□         Take an Australian Walkabout

□         Visit Ireland

□         Visit the Parthenon in Greece

□         Spend a week viewing art in the Louvre

□         Watch the animal migration on the Serengeti

□         See the Northern Lights

□         Visit Iguazu Falls in S. America

□         Hike to Machu Picchu

□         Take a picture with the statues on Easter Island

□         Visit Petra

□         Stay a night at Fallingwater

□         Hike Mount Kilimanjaro

□         Visit the Amazon rainforest

X         Go on an African Safari

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