The Secret Program I used to Lose Weight

Written by Sean

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I stepped on a scale in April and it was bad.  I’d never seen those combination of numbers together on a scale I was standing on.  I’d already been at my heaviest weight ever, but this was out of control.  A full 30 pounds over where I like to be, and not of muscle.  30 pounds of fat.  Tying my shoelaces required extra effort because my belly was in the way.  Something had to change, I needed a miracle fix.

So what did I do?  A little program I like to call, “Stop eating sugar all the time fatty.”  I guess eating popsicles by the box, and slamming candy all day at my desk where I sit sedentary is a recipe for weight gain.  People spend billions in this country to lose weight, but I didn’t want to spent a cent.  So what did I do?  I ate vegetables and meat, and I stopped eating sugar and processed foods.  That was it.  No exercise.  No expensive program or pill, I used something free to us all: self-discipline.

That’s right, when I say I stopped eating sugar, I mean all sugar.  Salad dressing with corn syrup, gone.  Chips and other junk carbs that are just sugar, gone.  Candy, gone.  Boxed and canned foods with sugars, gone.  15 pounds of fat from my belly, gone.

After 3 days, the headaches and sugar cravings of someone addicted to a drug went away.  I have had more energy, and I have slept better (2 month old baby Caleb waking me up not counting).  I hate vegetables.  The flavor is gross compared to candy.  Once I got the junk out of my system, I enjoyed things I never liked before.  If a sugar addicted junky like me could do it, with a new baby and a surgery recovering wife, and a 2 year old, and 3 older girls who demand my time, you can do it.

Self- Discipline

If you don’t want to do that, or it seems too simple, send me $100/month and I’ll send you my program.  My program consists of me sending you a weekly email that says, “Stop eating sugar all the time fatty”.  That was all the motivation I needed; well that and a scale that was either a filthy liar or speaking truth about my health situation.

I’m still working at getting into great shape, but it’s nice having my clothes fit again.  So for everyone who has asked what I’m doing, that’s it.  Self-Discipline to eat healthier.  Every 7-10 days I have a cheat day where I eat pizza, but even on cheat days Ive stayed away from sugar sugar and I typically lose weight the next day.  15 pounds in 30 days.  15 pounds to go!

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