Misfits by Matthew Barnett

Written by Sean

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I have to say, I am incredibly biased when reviewing this book because I have been to the LA Dream Center, I have seen the impact of changed lives, and so I drink the Matthew Barnett kool-aid. There are plenty of Misfits to be found walking the streets of LA, and also working at the Dream Center. Which is fitting since in some shape or form, we’re all a misfit.

The stories shared in this book are compelling, heart wrenching, challenging, and inspiring. Matthew Barnett does a great job challenging the reader through awkwardness while pointing the reader towards the freedom being a misfit brings in Jesus. Everyone wants to make a practical impact on their world but often feel too out of place to do anything. This book will help the reader to take that step and do whatever it is God has called them to do. Get it and read it!

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