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The last day home before a trip is always the hardest. The kids know I am leaving, and they just get fussy. They want to play with my luggage, eat my snacks, and cuddle a lot more. They also get whiny, which makes it easier for me to leave, but in all honesty, leaving them for a week and a half is the hardest thing. I look forward to the time, not too far from now, when they are all coming with me on these trips. That’s when we get to really start living!

This trip is a little different than Spain and Fiji were. I’m in charge this time… I love being in charge, but this is really weighing on me. I am extremely excited, but feel the weight of responsibility for being the head leader for our team going to Swaziland. If something goes wrong, it’s on me. If someone gets lost, it’s on me. I don’t think those things will happen, we have a great team, but you just never know. As we long as we make it there, back, and have incredible ministry, the trip will be successful.

I’ve been praying to see God do amazing things on this trip. In Fiji I was much more about the team getting to experience incredible things. This team has more adults, and students who have traveled before. They can make the trip as great or as lame as they want based on their participation; so I can focus on being involved in a little more ministry this time. Would you pray for our team? I want to personally see God heal someone of HIV/Aids; and I want to personally cast a demon out of someone. I can’t do any of those things, but God can. I want to see Him do it.

See ya in 10 days.

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