Live Dead: Day 25

Written by Sean

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I failed today’s challenge as soon as I wrote this sentence…  the topic is humility, my best quality 🙂

The final issued challenge was to not reference yourself for a week.  No using “I”, “Me” or anything about myself.  Is that even possible.  As I reflected, I realized I am pretty self-centered (read all the “I’s” already used).  Not in a I am better than you so deal with it kind of way; but in a I think about and focus on what I need to be, do and become a lot.

Humility is a difficult subject to broach for me.  I’m so ultra competitive, I have pretty much gone through life trying to win at everything.  What is winning?  It’s elevating yourself higher than others.  Why is it so important for me to win, even in little things?  Probably because it makes me feel good about me.  But if I am thinking about others more highly than myself, don’t I want them to win?

This is quite a conundrum for me.  I have really worked on being ok with losing at stuff, and I have really worked on seeing others as better than myself.  Jesus saw people that way, that was why He gave his life for me.  But there I go again.  Jesus knew that I am so awesome but in need of saving, so He gave His life just for me.  If you didn’t exist, and I was the only person ever created, He still would have died for me.  I’m that special 🙂

But so are you.  And so it’s a difficult balance knowing that God values us so highly, but then in turn we need to place that same value on others.  This is still a topic I am working on and struggling through.  Here is what the blog post I really wanted to write was going to say:


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