Live Dead: Day 27

Written by Sean

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Looks like I finish Live Dead this Thursday.  It only took 6 months to do 30 days…

I have always loved sports.  Being part of a team was just a fun aspect of life for me growing up.  Now that I am all grown up and too out of shape to play a sport, I still get to be part of different teams.  However, teams are a difficult thing to be on sometimes.

Teams need to work together, everyone doing their part.  But what happens when one person wants to outshine the rest, or when one person is lagging bad and bringing the team down?  Teams really can’t function very well with either of those players, but those people usually are on teams.

I used to and sometimes still struggle with wanting to standout.  I’ve worked hard this year to be ok with blending in with the team, and it’s been rough but also kind of nice.  Instead of trying to always have the best idea, going along with others ideas has worked just fine.  I’ve practically chewed off my face from biting my lip and not trying to be right all the time in every situation; and I’ve survived.

The team concept was a good read today; I like being on teams.

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