Live Dead: Day 29

Written by Sean

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I was going to finish this last week, but I took an unexpected surprise vacation, spiritual getaway, and wife date to Tahoe.  Barring Jesus’ return happening today or early tomorrow, day 30 will happen tomorrow, and I will actually finish what I have started.

But today was about forgiveness and it hit on many of the questions I ask myself when it comes to forgiveness.  Could I forgive someone who killed or hurt a loved one?  What would my immediate response be to something like that?  How long would it take, if ever, for me to actually forgive?

The message went on to make a much better point: rather than thinking about hypothetical “what ifs”, what if you dealt with the small hurts or areas of unforgiveness that occur almost daily?  This caused me to reflect on the past 10 years (June 30th) that I have been a christian.  I remember at the beginning, all the unforgiveness and anger I carried around.   But God slowly helped me to drop all the hurts that I carried, and to release the anger I felt towards the people who caused it.  Now I forgive pretty quickly (comparatively).  It usually just takes me blowing off a little steam, usually with a few sarcastic jokes, then I’m good to go.  After writing that, I think my next step is to just give it to God and skip the sarcasm; but we’re all in process.

Overall, like the writer said, I pray that I will never have to face that situation, but if I do then I know God will take care of me, like He always does.

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