Live Dead: Day 30!

Written by Sean

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Well I did it!  I finished the 30-day challenge but I don’t think it ends here.  The principles in this book were just so valuable and challenging that I plan on continuing to wrestle with these issues until I arrive… In heaven, because as long as I’m here I’ll still be in process.

The final entry was about being empowered by the Spirit of God.  I am so thankful to Jesus that without even knowing it existed, he filled me with His Spirit.  I really thought about that term and concept, and if you aren’t a christian and reading this, that must sound weird.  People speaking in unknown languages is crazy talk.  I like that God confounds conventional wisdom, and does things in ways we wouldn’t do naturally.  I understand the importance of being relatable in communicating the things of God to someone who maybe has no background, but explanations just don’t do it.

I’m really sensing in my own life the desire to see God’s powerful demonstrations manifest more often.  I’m taking (trying more and more) time to pray more, and not just naming off my want list to God.  If prayer is a conversation with God, and if only one of us can talk at a time, I want to be doing more listening than talking.  The power moments come when my voice is silent, and God’s voice is speaking.  The more I hear from God about what to do, when to do do it, and how He will be involved, the more I am going to see God move.  I love John 3:30 “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”

So that’s my prayer.  That I will live dead to myself, dead to my own wants and desires, and dead to the things in life that are a waste of time and don’t bring glory to God in some way.  The less there is of me, then the more people will see God through my life.  The more there is of God’s empowering presence in my actions, the less trouble I’ll create for trying to do things my way.  God is in control of everything, I just have to get myself out of the way, and follow Him.

I know that the future is bright.

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