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Written by Sean

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A few days have passed since we announced to students we are stepping down from Cornerstone to pursue other youth ministry opportunities.  I for one feel a million times better.  It’s been tough knowing our time was done but keeping the information to myself.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.  I can talk freely, plan freely, and clean and pack my house freely without worrying if someone finds out.

The reverse of that is 3 weeks worth of goodbyes.  We’re trying to spend time with students before we go, and just enjoy the people we have had the amazing privilege of doing life with the last five years.  Last night I destroyed Amanda and the Martin girls at Risk.  I still got it!  Each day we get a call, or text, or facebook notice from someone saying something nice.  It has been very encouraging to read people’s warm comments about our family and our time here.

Sometimes when you are in the middle of the forest you lose sight of the trees… or something like that.  At some point I stopped being able to see all the progress God had made in some kids lives.  The day to day trudge of ministry had created blinders.  Within the last 4 months, I can only remember one comment from one parent thanking me for what we do.  I don’t do it for that, but that one positive statement really struck me, and made me feel accomplished in doing what God has asked.

I’m probably the worst at letting people know how great they are; it’s just not natural for me.  But with all the outpouring of love towards us, I’m reminded that through the last five years I have been blessed to work alongside a lot of amazing pastors and volunteers in doing God’s work.  Words can’t express how grateful I am for all those people, and I don’t really want to keep shedding tears to convey how appreciative I am of everyone who has helped us along the way.  The names are too numerous to mention individually.

So if you read this, or see me over the last few weeks we are here at Cornerstone, please let us know if we’ve been useful for you in life.  It makes it easier for us and our family transition, and helps bring some closure to this great chapter of our life.  If you would like to pray for us, pray that churches start calling soon 🙂

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  1. Lily Towne says:

    Over my life period you have made the most affect probably over the past two years. I don’t really remember much before then anyways. But I know I haven’t been very cooperati ve with you sometimes and I am sorry. Though you probably have made me the most pissed off besides my parents.. Your sermons have been very creative and in depth and I actually enjoy listening to them. They are true and well thought out. You honestly do connect well with teens. You have been a great teacher to all of us. And you have helped me with a lot of issues. Like my eminem stage you were the only who didn’t yell at me to stop listening. I don’t think I have seen any pastor in general like you. The others are all REALLY bubbly and practicly flap their arms in you face and smile the whole time. That absolutely makes me wanna run the other direction. I’m praying hard that the next youth pastor will at least be half as great as you. Come back sometime and share your experiences from your other church. Or at least put some fb posts up. The affects you have made on the whole youthgroup itself with forever remain. I hope your life will go the exact direction God has planned for you and your family. God bless you!

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