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I’ve blogged several other places before, and I have where I write about fitness and nutrition related stuff; but now I finally have a place to myself.  Even at home, I share a bedroom with Amanda, and the kids take up all the space in the rest of the house.  I literally have no space.  So thank God for the internet, where I can have an unlimited amount of space to store my most important things, my thoughts.

The last 7 months or so I’ve basically just blogged or researched posts to help drum up business for our home based business.  It’s been fun, and I’ll still continue to do that, but this website is dedicated to myself.  I spend a lot of my time doing things for others: my wonderful wife Amanda, our kids Chloe, Hannah, and Abigail, students that I’m privileged to work with, and all kinds of other things.  So this site will hopefully get to the point where it encompasses everything that goes on with me.

I’ll try to keep it funny, or impacting, or serious, or all three of those things and more.  Sometimes I may just expand on a thought that I micro-blog on twitter.  Sometimes I may even write something controversial, or offensive; and if I do just stop reading, I’ll be ok.  Mainly, my goal with blogging again is to hopefully create conversation and discussion in the comments section that goes beyond the typical facebook comment or twitter response.  Let’s learn from each other.

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