Live Dead: Day 21

Written by Sean

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I have a day slammed full of missions event planning, so I decided the day needed to be started off with some Live Dead challenge.  After speaking for a few minutes in church yesterday, I came to a realization.  This 30 day journal/challenge has taken me nearly 4? months to complete.  I mentioned that in my brief window yesterday, and I hadn’t planned on saying that.

I took some time to survey why that was.  Many of the days are just uncomfortable reads.  There isn’t a ton of encouragement (which I don’t really respond to anyways) and lots of urgent challenges.  I like that, but to do it every day for 30 days seemed like packing too much in too soon.  I’ve enjoyed taking my time going through Live Dead, processing challenges, praying for unreached people groups, and just growing in my own desire to see and reach lost people.

Today’s entry was about worship.  Nothing challenging other than to spend time worshiping God, which I love to do.  We had a great youth service last night, and as I read student feedback posted on Facebook I thought to myself that my personal time spent with God really impacts our services.  I’m sick of facebook other than Sunday nights/Monday mornings when I get to read what the students said (or didn’t say if it was lame) about the youth service Sunday night.  Worshiping God isn’t about necessarily singing a song; it’s about living your life the way God has called you, where God has called you.

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  1. Patty says:

    You’re doing a great job, Sean. I love listening to the youths talking. Loved hearing about one who did something awesome at her school! You know who…God bless you Sean.

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