Live Dead: Day 22

Written by Sean

Topics: Sean's Blog

Interruptions.  I hate them, you probably do too.  For me, I like a schedule, I enjoy routine, and I plan on being early.  Interruptions, well, interrupt the plans that I have for myself.  But often God will use interruptions that feel at the time quite inconvenient.  Today’s challenge/reading was about seeing how God works through things not on our agenda.

I am grateful that God cares enough about me, and people, to interrupt my plans.  There are times when I am doing what I have planned, and not necessarily what God full plan is.  God is good about steering us back onto the path that He has laid out before us.

But I am curious, how do you handle interruptions?  I get bothered by slow drivers, people who chat it up with the cashier when I am in line, and all kinds of other things.  But maybe God has a purpose in slowing down my day.  Instead of rushing from point A to point B, I’m working on paying more attention to the things going on around me in the present.  Tomorrow will worry about itself, but so will the rest of today.  I am keeping my eyes open for opportunity in the interruptions, are you?

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