Live Dead: Day 23

Written by Sean

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I was looking back through old posts, and realized I started this in November.  Over 5 months ago, I started this 30 day challenge.  That’s pretty out of character for me for several reasons.  1.  I like to win.  Finishing a challenge is winning, I usually finish what I start promptly.  2.  I love the daily readings.  It isn’t boring, it isn’t bland, each day has something new and exciting to read.  It really shouldn’t take this long.  3.  I like being pushed out of my comfort zone.  This book does that; but maybe it’s taking so long because it’s too uncomfortable.  Who wants to reflect on being willing to die for Jesus?  I do; Day 23 begins:

Ugh!  I do not have the gift of hospitality, and guess what I read about today?  Thank God I married someone who does.  The missionary writer for today spoke about how she sometimes felt inconvenienced when her neighbor would come over to “hang out”.  Then she realized she itinerated months before for the exact opportunity to connect with lost people.  The focus was really on how we can get bogged down by or irritated with the mundane tasks that come with whatever God has called us to do.

I like my home, and I like having my wife and kids there.  For me, it’s almost a getaway.  I like to hide in my cave, play with my kids, and enjoy my family time.  I protect that time.  But there is a lot of value in in-home ministry and providing hospitality.  Some of the greatest youth ministry moments come from just having a student over to spend time with us.  That value cannot be overlooked, especially just because I want to guard my cave.

It seems there are so many people good at hosting others, and that have the gift of hospitality.  If you’re one of those people, how do you feel when you’ve been overly hospitable?  If you don’t have the gift, what things do you do to grow in it?

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