Radical Challenge and Live Dead:Day 1

Written by Sean

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I’m a little past the mid way point in the one year challenge I am doing from the book Radical, by David Platt.  From that challenge, there were 5 things to do.

1.  Pray for the entire world. I’m using http://www.operationworld.org to help cover every country in the world for this.  For the next 30 days, today being day 1, I’ll be using The Live Dead Journal, and focusing specifically on East Africa and Indian Ocean Basin Area.

2.  Read through the entire Word (The Bible).  I started this awhile ago, in the new Bible I got when I received my credentials earlier this year.  Part of the Live Dead challenge is to “Spend extravagant time with Jesus on a daily basis”.  This is great since I can continue both challenges simultaneously.  I’m currently trudging through Deuteronomy, but I’m almost out of the wilderness.

3.  Sacrifice money for a specific purpose. Currently I’m giving to Speed the Light, an organization that provides vehicles for missionaries over seas.  Day 24 of Live Dead talks about giving, at which point I’ll re-evaluate where my giving goes.

4.  Spend time in another context. This year I spent 2 weeks in Fiji, and a week in Spain.  My goal with Live Dead for this challenge area will be to identify the next country or two I need to travel to.  My guess, is that after praying for African people groups for 30 days means I’ll find myself in Africa at some point next year.  I’m excited.

5.  Commit your life to multiplying community. Working on high school outreaches, local community outreaches, and taking part in City Fest at Cal Expo in May.  Also connecting our sectional youth pastors.  Probably could use some time mapping this out, it’s the least clarified for me of challenge areas.

Live Dead Day 1: Today’s entry is setting the tone for the next 30 days.  The challenge is to tithe my time daily to God.  That breaks down to right around 2 hours and thirty minutes a day.  The book gives a good way to outline it.  For me, it’ll be prayer, reading the bible, and worshiping.  Writing daily, (either in the journal or in this space) will also be part of that.  I need to get back to writing consistently, and start rebuilding that gift I used to have.  I still aspire to write books someday.

Today’s people group are the Rashaida.  They’re a desert people group with over 100,000 people, and there are no (0%) known people who believe in Jesus as their savior.  Probably each day I’ll continue to be shocked, but an entire people group with zero followers of Jesus astounds me.  They need missionaries to go, Bibles to be translated, and for God to break through in that culture.  So today, whenever I see a Toyota, I’ll be praying for the Rashaida.  Apparently they cherish Toyota’s as much as their camels.  If you think about it, when you see a Toyota join me in praying for them to be reached with the power and love of Jesus.

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