Oh Happy Day

Written by Amanda

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I thought the day would never come. Literally, this morning I thought the day would never come when we would get to say good bye to the PICU. Abby’s doctor told me he wanted to keep her and watch her until she stopped having any desats or drops in her heart rate. “It may be a while still” were his words but all I could hear was “forever…forever…forever…”(ode to Sandlot-great movie). Let me explain, pertussis is known as the hundred day cough. Abigail has had it for a little over a month, which leaves ninety days of coughing to go or..”Forever”. As you can imagine this news was devastating. I called Sean.  He came to the hospital, talked to her doctor for ten minutes and he agreed to discharge her.  I have not accomplished this in two weeks of talking to doctors! He is my super hero. ……..in fact I need him to save me now. Chloe and Hannah are screaming, Abigail wants to nurse the phone is ringing and well life is already getting back to normal. So much for time to write :) but so glad to be home. PICU I will miss you…NOT.. There it is Carrie I’m bringing it back for you go 1994!!! I’m out.

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